• Tomm Tomm is an experiment in material and proportion. A cedar cabinet with cotton doors. Both small and tall. Snap closures allow for easy removal of fabric panels, for washability and interchangeability. In conjunction with Cole Lendrum (www.colelendrum.com).
    Non-commercial Red cedar & cotton fabric.
  • Concrete Bench Cast concrete bench made in conjection with Sam Tucker (www.stmakes.com)
    Non-commercial PVA fiber-reinforced concrete.
  • Kamp Grizzly Desks 18 desks and partitions for Kamp Grizzly, a video production office in Portland, OR. Built with Nick Musso, Sam Tucker (www.stmakes.com) and Cole Lendrum (www.colelendrum.com).
    Kamp Grizzly Fir lumber, plywood, and Simpson ties.
  • Crane The Crane LED task lamp utilizes two conductive ball joints for maximum adjustability. Made from white oak, aluminum and brass. This light was exhibited at the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. In conjunction with Cole Lendrum (www.colelendrum.com).
    Non-commercial White Oak, Steel, Bronze, and LEDs